Applying for Concealed Carry

Please complete the application through the new NJ State website:

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1. Applying for Concealed Carry
2. How long will it take for my accident report to be completed and how do I obtain a copy?
3. What are the towing fees if my vehicle has been impounded?
4. What are the curfew times in Millville for juveniles?
5. What is the telephone number for the Millville Municipal Court?
6. How can I sign a complaint?
7. How do I contact the Property and Evidence Unit?
8. How do I contact the Animal Control Unit?
9. What is the telephone number to the police tip line?
10. What is the non-emergency telephone number to the police department?
11. How can I file a complaint against a police employee?
12. Do I need a permit for my alarm system at my residence or business?
13. What are the regulations regarding noise pollution?
14. How do I obtain information about The New Jersey Sex Offenders Registry?
15. How can I become a full-time Millville Police Officer?