What does the Mosquito Control Division do?
Cumberland County Mosquito Control is a division of the Department of Public Works and Property of Cumberland County and is involved in all aspects of mosquito control. We have two fulltime inspectors who inspect known mosquito habitats for the presence of mosquitoes and apply pesticides to those areas as necessary. In addition, they respond to service requests by inspecting and treating any mosquito habitats found at residents’ homes or businesses. Our Superintendent is a graduate-level entomologist, and we have a Biologist who assists in inspections and control, is responsible for mosquito surveillance through the use of various types of mosquito traps, and for mosquito identification. In addition, the Biologist handles public education, and will conduct educational programs for schools, civic groups, and other organizations upon request.

Our agency also participates in a vector surveillance program coordinated by Rutgers University and the Office of Mosquito Control Coordination, a division of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. This program involves sampling mosquitoes from various areas throughout the County and sending them to the New Jersey Department of Health to have them tested for various encephalitis viruses, including West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis. If any sampled mosquitoes test positive, we will intensify our inspection and control efforts in those areas in an attempt to minimize possible risk to County residents, their pets, and their livestock.

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1. What does the Mosquito Control Division do?
2. How does the division control mosquitos?
3. What can the general public do to help with the mosquito control program?
4. Which pesticides are used to control mosquitoes in Cumberland County, and how are they applied?
5. How do I contact Cumberland County Mosquito Control and get more information?
6. Where can I find more specific information on mosquito spraying in Cumberland County, and how will I be notified?