Understanding My Bill

When you receive your utility bill, please note that water and sewer quarters DO NOT cover the same time frame.  Water is always billed on the water consumption as per meter reads. Which means your current bill shows past usage for water; while Residential Sewer is based on a flat fee for the current quarter.

Sewer Quarters for all Sections of Town
 1st Quarter Jan 1 through Mar 31 Bills are due same time as your water bills
 2nd Quarter Apr 1 through June 30
 3rd Quarter July 1 through Sept 30
 4th Quarter Oct 1 through Dec 31

Water Quarters for West Side of Town
 1st Quarter Aug-Nov (Prior Year) Billed Dec 1 Due Jan 1
 2nd Quarter Nov-Feb Billed Mar 1 Due Apr 1
 3rd Quarter Feb-May Billed June 1 Due July 1
 4th Quarter May-Aug Billed Sept 1 Due Oct 1

Water Quarters for Center of Town
 1st Quarter Sept-Dec (Prior Year) Billed Jan 1 Due Feb 1
 2nd Quarter Dec-Mar Billed Apr 1 Due May 1
 3rd Quarter Mar-June Billed July 1 Due Aug 1
 4th Quarter June-Sept Billed Oct 1 Due Nov 1

Water Quarters for East Side of Town
 1st Quarter Oct-Jan Billed Feb 1 Due Mar 1
 2nd Quarter Jan-Apr Billed May 1 Due June 1
 3rd Quarter Apr-July Billed Aug 1 Due Sept 1
 4th Quarter July-Oct Billed Nov 1 Due Dec 1

Commercial properties are billed the same as the Water quarters however the sewer is based on water consumption.  Therefor only Commercial and Industrial properties will the billing quarters for water also be the same for sewer.

Anytime your reading has the letter "e" next to it; means the reading shown is an ESTIMATED read.  Our meter reader was unable to obtain a reading from your home.  We ask that you please call the Water Utility Office 856-825-7000 Ext. 7613, to have your meter read.