Project Tasks

For most major projects, there are five various tasks handled by the Engineering Department. They are as follows:
  1. Survey - This includes the gathering of all preliminary information necessary for the design phase, consisting of outbound survey, topographic survey, soils testing, and as-built information.
  2. Design and Permitting - This phase includes all necessary work to furnish plans and specifications and obtain all state and federal permits required to publicly bid the project.
  3. Contract Administration - This phase involves the public bid process, preparing contract documents, pre-construction and progress meetings with the contractor, shop drawing review, contract payment, negotiating and processing change orders, and preparing project close-out documents.
  4. Construction Inspection - This includes part-time or full-time inspection of construction as dictated by the complexity of the project or as required by the funding agency.
  5. Construction Layout - This involves the field layout by the survey crew of infrastructure constructed by the contractor as required by the project.
These tasks can be handled in house or out, or a combination of the two, for any project.