Veteran Deduction

This deduction is offered through the municipality, and, if qualified, an individual may be eligible to receive $250 a year off their property taxes.

  • Be legal owner of or have a fractional interest in the property for which deduction is being applied
  • Be owner of record as of October 1 of the previous year and be a citizen and resident of New Jersey
  • Have an honorable discharge or release under honorable circumstances from active service in time of war in some branch of the armed forces
In addition to the general qualifications, the widow of a veteran or service person must:
  • Be the surviving spouse of a veteran who was honorably discharged or who met death while on active duty in a branch of the armed forces
  • Prove that the deceased was a citizen and resident of New Jersey at the time of their death
Additional Information
For more information, check out our deductions page. You can also download an application.