Roadside Produce Stands

Roadside stands for the sale of farm, truck gardening, nursery, gardening and greenhouse produce, and/or stock may be established subject to the provisions of the Schedules of District Regulations and the following conditions:
  • Such uses shall only be permitted when proof is provided to the Planning Board that the proposed use is in connection with a farm and is located on the property of that farm or that at least 50% of the goods offered for sale in the roadside stand were grown or raised on the parcel in question provided the stand is located on a Land Conservation District.
  • No roadside stand shall be permitted on an arterial or major collector roadway as classified in the City Master Plan unless the stand is located in compliance with the maximum setback requirements for principal uses for the zone district in which it is located.
  • There shall be only one entrance and one exit from the roadway upon which the proposed use fronts.
  • No display of goods shall be permitted closer than 40 feet to a road right-of-way line or adjoining property line.
  • The sale of live animals or poultry shall be prohibited.
  • No structure or parking areas to be used or required in connection with such a use shall be located within a required front yard area of the principal use of the property involved.
The fee for a roadside produce stand license is $100 for each 30 day period or portion thereof.

License Issuance
A license for a roadside produce stand shall be issued for the time period requested by the applicant, provided that the license shall be issued for consecutive days only and shall begin on the date when the license is issued. The license shall not extend in time beyond the written consent of the property owner where the stand is to be located.

Roadside produce stands used to sell fruits, vegetables, and farm products located on the property where at least 50% of the produce and products offered for sale were grown or raised are exempt from the payment of the license fees contained in this article.