Garage / Yard Sales

All sales entitled attic sale, garage sale, lawn sale, rummage sale or yard sale and shall include any similar casual sale of tangible personal property which is advertised by any means whereby the public at large is or can be made aware of the sale.

The application for a garage sale license shall be made in the City Clerk's Office.

Rules & Regulations
The following rules and regulations must be complied with:
  • The license required shall be known as a garage sale license issued by the city clerk.
  • No more than four garage, lawn, attic, or basement sale licenses shall be issued for any one location within the calendar year.
  • The sale shall be for no more than two consecutive days at a time.
  • The license issued shall be prominently displayed on the premises throughout the entire period of the licensed sale.
  • The fee for each license issued during the calendar year shall be $5.
  • All garage sales shall be conducted between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.
Any person selling or advertising for sale five items of personal property or less
which are specifically described in the advertisement is exempt from the licensing
requirements but not the rules and regulations.

Senior citizens and persons totally and permanently disabled are exempt
from the payment of the license fee, but shall otherwise comply with these

No sign shall be attached to or painted on benches, bridges, curbs, fences,
hydrants, lamps, rocks, sidewalks, street signs, trees, or utility poles. No sign shall be placed on public property within the city including property owned or leased by the City of Millville. No sign shall be placed on private property without the owner's consent and shall be removed immediately after the sale.