Bingo & Raffle Licensing

The State of New Jersey mandates an organization to acquire an identification number from the Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission by completing an Affidavit of Application prior to applying for a Bingo or Raffle License with the City of Millville.

How & Where to Register
Contact the Legalized Games of Chance Commission at the following address or via a phone call to acquire an Affidavit of Application:
The State of New Jersey
Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission
P.O. Box 46000
124 Halsey St.
Seventh Floor
Newark, NJ 07101
Ph: 973-273-8000

Once an application from the Legalized Games of Chance is received by the organization, complete the forms and provide the following to the Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission:
  • Completed application
  • A $50 biennial registration fee (senior citizen organizations are exempt from the fee)
  • A copy of the organization's Articles of Incorporation (if incorporated)
  • A copy of the organization's by-laws and constitution
  • A membership list
  • Financial summary for a period no less than one year
Each individual applicant, the officers of any corporate applicant, as well as the partners or members of any partnership, association, or organization applicant, are required by the commission and municipal governing body issuing a license to be fingerprinted under the supervision of the municipal chief of police pursuant to N.J.S.A. 5:8-27.

The Legalized Games of Chance Commission reviews the application, forms, and fees for approval or disapproval. If approved, an identification number will be assigned and mailed to the organization.

Application Process
Once a registration identification number has been assigned and received by the organization from the Legalized Games of Chance, the organization may then apply for a Bingo or Raffle License through the City of Millville. The Legalized Games of Chance License must be conspicuously posted where the game is operated.

A copy of the registration identification number must be presented to the municipal clerk at the time an application for a Bingo or Raffle License is requested by the organization. An application must include any and all required information and necessary attachments including required fees for Bingo and/or Raffle Licenses, schedule of games for bingo, and sample ticket, calendar, and list of wheels and games for Raffle Licenses.

The Raffle or Bingo License application must contain the following:
  • Identification number
  • Full name of the applicant
  • Complete address and phone number of the applicant
  • Name and address of the registered agent in New Jersey upon whom service of process may be served
  • If corporate, the complete name, address, and phone number of the officer(s)
  • Exact location of the game
  • Proper name of the game and its certification number
  • Complete name and address of landlord and owner of premises
  • Qualification of applicant
  • Dates and times of games
  • Schedule of purposes
  • Schedule of prizes
  • Officers of applicant
  • Members of applicant in charge of games
  • Members of applicant assisting in conducting games
  • Statement of applicant and member(s) in charge
  • Authorized signatures
  • Application notarized
  • Required fees for Legalized Games of Chance and City of Millville
The application must be filed with the City of Millville in triplicate, signed by at least two different members and notarized. The application is then presented at the next commission meeting and must be approved by the Board of Commissioners (first or third Tuesday of each month).
  • Copy 1: retained by the municipal clerk
  • Copy 2: forwarded to the Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission
  • Copy 3: returned 14 days after approval / denial to the organization
State and municipal license fees are the same.

Bingo Fees
  • $20 per occasion (no more than six occasions per month)
Raffle Fees
  • On-Premise Draw Raffles - cash 50/50 or merchandise
    • Under $400 in total prizes - no fee
    • Over $400 in total prizes - $20 per day
  • Off-Premise Draw Raffles ($100,000 per raffle / $500,000 annual limit / $25,000 per calendar limit)
    • Merchandise prizes, duck race, or calendar - $20 per $1000
  • 50/50 Raffles
    • $20 upon application over $400 and $20 for every $1,000 thereafter
  • Non-Draw Raffles for Carnival Wheels and Games ($500 per prize limit)
    • $20 for each wheel or game
  • Instant Raffle Tickets ($500 per prize limit)
    • $20 for each day or $750 annually (limit $500 per prize)
  • Hole-in-One Contests ($1,000 for grand prize, $500 per ancillary prize)
    • $20 per $1,000 based upon the ancillary prize
  • Armchair
    • $50 per licensed day of operation
  • Casino Nights
    • $100 per occasion
Qualified Organizations
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Civic and Service Club
  • Educational Organizations
  • Fraternal Group
  • Religious Organizations
  • Senior Citizen Organizations
  • Veterans Organizations
  • Volunteer Fire Company
  • Volunteer First Aid Squad
  • Volunteer Rescue Squad
Authorized Use of Proceeds
  • Charitable
  • Educational
  • Patriotic
  • Public-spirited
  • Religious
  • Senior citizens to benefit the club
Prohibited Prizes
No licensee shall offer or award any prize consisting of:
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Bonds
  • Foreign or domestic coins
  • Live animals
  • Motor vehicles leases
  • Personal or professional services
  • Real estate or an interest therein
  • Securities or evidence of indebtedness
  • Shares of stock
  • Tobacco products
  • Weapons
  • Any merchandise refundable in any of the foregoing or in money or cash
A prize consisting of money or cash shall not be offered or awarded except in the case of:
  1. A raffle conducted by drawing with the prize (s) equaling 50% of the amount received for all the tickets or rights to participate, a calendar raffle within the limits set in N.J.A.C. 13:47-8.22, and instant raffle game within the limits set forth
  2. Any bingo game(s) conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Bingo Licensing Law, N.J.S.A. 5:8-24 et seq
  3. Big six wheels and horse race wheels conducted in accordance with the provisions set forth in N.J.A.C. 13:47-8
Locations Licensing is Permitted
  • Agricultural fairs and exhibitions approved by the State Department of Agriculture
  • Recognized amusement parks
  • Seashore resorts
  • Other resort areas