The Engineering Department's responsibilities are very diverse. The Engineering Department provides Engineering Support for all City Departments including:

  • Streets and Roads
  • Recycling and Solid Wastes
  • Water and Sewer Utilities
  • Planning and Zoning Board
  • Parks
  • Public Buildings
  • Tax Assessor

We provide administrative and engineering services including but not limited to survey, design, permitting, grants, contract administration, construction inspections, construction layout, environmental services and map maintenance. 

All Public amenities including public parks, industrial park construction, parking facilities, riverwalks, marinas, and bulkhead have been designed and constructed under the supervision of the Engineering Department. The Department also provides oversight for on-going maintenance to these facilities. 
Public Buildings
All new construction or renovation to existing public buildings is administered by the Engineering Department. 

Planning and Zoning Board
The Municipal Engineer serves as the engineer to the Planning and Zoning Board which includes the design review of all plan submissions, reports to Board Members, inspection of all site improvements, performance bond maintenance and mapping assistance to the Boards.

Streets and Roads
The Department is responsible for all new design and municipal oversight of road construction in the city including stormwater, pedestrian, and bicycle facilities. Other services provided include grant administration for all federal or state grant applications for Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Vehicular related transportation improvements.  
Water and Sewer Utilities
The City of Millville is unique when compared to other municipalities in the fact that it owns and maintains a sewer and water utility. The Engineering Department assists with all day to day operations, necessary permitting, design, and construction inspection for both the water and sewer utility. 
Environmental Services
In addition to the above services provided, the Engineering Department conducts environmental related service including grant administration and oversight of under utilized contaminated properties through use of the "Brownfield Funds." Oversight and monitoring of the City's closed landfill through the 30 year closure permit. The Department also serves as the liaison to the City Commission to assist with large state, federal or private environmental remediation of contaminated properties. 
Land Surveyor
The department also has a licensed land surveyor. His license is used for all surveys necessary for city projects, land sales, lease areas, and volunteer land survey for nonprofit organizations (Ahome, churches, housing authority, etc.). 
Daily Functions
Daily functions include providing street opening permits; maintaining and making available to the public the city's road, utility, subdivision, and tax map inventory; handling complaints and questions relating to all utilities, departments, and boards we represent; and coordinating projects with county, state, and other related agencies.

Map Maintenance
The Engineering Department maintains the following maps: 

  • Green acres (recreational open space inventory)
  • Revenue allocation district
  • Sewer
  • Streets and roads (including road layout and drainage)
  • Tax maps
  • Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ)
  • Water
  • Zoning map

Outside Consultants
With all the above tasks, obviously there is a need for outside consultants. The use of outside consultants is dictated by the current workload of the department and the need for technical expertise in specified fields such as electrical, water, wastewater treatment, architecture, airport design, lab testing, etc. The role of the consultant in each project can be broad or limited, as required by the engineer.

The department's current workload is very demanding. The City Commission has been aggressive in revitalizing the downtown, rehabilitating and expanding the sewer and water infrastructure, maintaining our roads, and upgrading the airport and recreational facilities. The activity of the private sector has also created revitalized growth. Commercial, industrial, and residential housing development is also on the rise, creating demand on this department.