Where can I locate my business?
The City of Millville has adopted a Master Plan which designates areas where economic development is encouraged and areas where preservation of the environment is desired. These locations are defined on the Zoning Map as many different Zoning Districts, each with its own set of regulations including permitted uses, permitted accessory uses and setback distances.

IF you have a location and want to know what uses are permitted:
First locate the property on the ZONING MAP to identify the district then use the SCHEDULE OF DISTRICT REGULATIONS to identify specific criteria for each district.

IF you have a business and want to know in what locations it will be permitted:
First reference the SCHEDULE OF DISTRICT REGULATIONS to see if any zoning districts permit that use then locate that district on the ZONING MAP to find which properties are within that district.

Sometimes is it not easy to identify parcels of land on the Zoning Map; in those cases, the TAX MAPS or INTERACTIVE MAP may be useful.

If you are unsure of a location or use, the ZONING OFFICER will gladly provide you with assistance! The Zoning Officer reviews every application for completeness, accuracy and compliance.

In order to locate a business within a zoning district that does not allow that use, or if the use is not listed on the Schedule of District Regulations, an applicant has the option to apply for a ZONING VARIANCE where a public hearing will be held before the Zoning Board to determine the positive and negative criteria of the proposal on a particular location.

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1. Where can I locate my business?
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