Sub-Code Officials & Inspectors


Jeri Goff
Construction Official
  Millville Phone:
  856-825-7000 ext. 7279
  Upper Deerfield Phone:
The Construction Office is serviced by Upper Deerfield Township.  Office hours in Millville are between 11:30 AM and 4:30 PM.  If you need emergency assistance outside of those hours, please contact the Upper Deerfield office at (856) 455-9591.


Mario Santiago
Housing Inspector
Ph: 856-825-7000
      ext. 7277
Kathy Easmunt
Housing Inspector
Ph: 856-825-7000
      ext. 7278
Tina Baumgarten
Account Clerk
Ph: 856-825-7000
      ext. 7632

Code Enforcement

Diane Reinhardt
Executive Assistant
Ph: 856-825-7000
      ext. 7402
​​Bob Polise​
​Code Enforcer
Ph: 856-825-7000
      ext. 7287
Fred Jackson​
Clean Communities
Ph: 856-825-7000
      ext. 7913

Housing / Rental Registration Forms