Construction, Housing & Code Enforcement

Construction Sub-Codes and Inspectors

Robin Young, Sr.
Construction Official
Building Sub-Code Official 
Director of Inspections
856-825-7000 x7279
Tiffany Arrowood
Construction Clerk
5th Floor
856-825-7000 x7279

Monday - Friday, 8:30AM - 4:30PM
Stacy Davis
Electric Sub-Code Official 
856-825-7000 x7279
Frank Primavera
Fire Sub-Code Official 
856-825-7000 x7279
Bill White
Plumbing Sub-Code Official 
856-825-7000 x7279


Mario Santiago
Housing Inspector
Ph: 856-825-7000 x7277
Joseph Havens
 Housing Inspector
Ph: 856-825-7000 x7278
Tina Baumgarten
Account Clerk
Rental Registrations
Vacant & Foreclosure       Registrations
Ph: 856-825-7000 x7283

Code Enforcement

Tracey Zieger
Code Enforcement
Property Maintenance 
Ph:  856-825-7000 x7402

​​Bob Polise​
​Code Enforcement
Property Maintenance 
Ph: 856-825-7000 x7287
Fred Jackson​
Clean Communities
Curbside Waste Enforcement
Ph: 856-825-7000 x7913


Construction Forms

Housing / Rental Registration Forms

Foreclosure Registration / Information