Trash Collection Schedule

The following will be collected on regular trash day:
  • Bagged leaves
  • Lumber must be bundled - no longer than 6 feet in length and weighing less than 65 pounds
  • Rugs must be cut and tied in manageable pieces
Anyone with questions regarding trash or recycling collection should call 856-825-7000, ext. 7388.

* Note: Trash will not be picked up on the following Holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day (July 4th), Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Second St. (South) 10th St. - North of G 10th St. (North) - Main to G Archer St. Acorn Drive
Third St. (South) 10th St. (South) Second St. (North) Arlington Ave. Alex Drive
Fourth St. (South) 11th St. (North) Third St. (North) Arnold Drive Amy Court
Fifth St. (South) 11th St. (South) Fourth St. (North) Brandrift Ave. Ash Drive
Sixth St. (South) 12th St. (North) Fifth St. (North) Broad St. - West of High Barton Drive
Alloway Road 13th St. (North) Sixth St. (North) Brown St. Beech St.
Alloway Road 14th St. (North) Seventh St. (North) Brown St. Beech St.
Arbutus Ave. 15th St. (South) Eighth St. (North) Buck St. Bethel Road
Atkinson Road 16th St. (South) Ninth St. (North) Bunting Lane Brenda Terrace
Brian Ave. Third St. - K to M Albertson St. Canal St. Briar Drive
Brian Ave. Eighth St. (South) Blue Bird Lane Carlton Ave. Buckshutem Road - West of Cedarville
Brookdale Drive Ninth St. (South) Broad St. - High to 10th Cherry St. Butternut Drive
Buckshutem Road East of Cedarville to LL Almond Place Cramer Ave. Chestnut St. Carmel Road
Cardinal Road Arlene Drive D St. Chickadee Lane Carol Drive
Cedar St. Arlene Drive E St. Church St. Cedar Lane
Cedar St. Balsam Lane Espoma Road City Park Drive Cedarbrook Ave.
Columbine Ave. Barbara Terrace F St. Columbia Ave. Cedarville Road - Carlton to City Limit
Cornwall Ave. Beck Drive Foundry St. - High to Second Cooper St. Country Drive
David Drive Beck Drive Franco Ave. Deerpath Road Debbie Lane
Dorsett Ave. Burns Road G St. - High to 10th Depot St. Dewberry Drive
Edgehill Ave. Buttonwood Lane Harrison Ave. - High to Second Dock St. Dewberry Drive
Ellis Ave. Caloris Ave. High St. Dove Drive Donald Drive
Ellis Ave. Central St. McNeal St. - High to Second Earle Ave. - Carlton to Ireland E. Oak Drive
Fairfield Ave. Chancery Court Mulberry St. - High to 10th Elizabeth St. Earle Ave. - Paula to Carlton
Florence Ave. Circle Drive Oak St. - High to 10th Fernwood Road Ellen Court
Fowser Road Clover Lane Oakwood Drive Forest Drive Emily Drive
Garfield St. Coombs Road Old Union Road Foundry St. - West of High Englewood (Inglewood) Ave.
Garrison Ave. Court Blvd. Old Union Road Fulton St. Esibill Ave.
Hamilton Ave. Coventry Way Sassafras St. - High to 10th Ginger Ave. Fairton Road
Henderson Ave. Crescent Blvd. State St. Glenside Road Fairview Ave.
Henry Drive Crest Ave. Vine St. - High to 10th Goldfinch Lane Fairview Ave.
Henry Drive Dauphin Place
Green St. Fortune Lane
Hillside Ave. Doris Ave.
Harrison St. - West of High Fortune Lane
Hoover St. E. Forrest Glen Drive
Hayes Drive Fowler Ave.
Kates Blvd. Edgewood Drive
Heron Lane Freeman Ave.
Kent Ave. Filbert Place
Homestead Drive Freeman Ave.
Lafayette Drive G St. - East of 10th
Howard St. Geissel Drive
Laurel Lake (All) Geissenger Ave.
Ireland Ave. Helen Drive
Leonard Drive Glasstown Road
Irene St. Hillcrest Ave.
Lilac Ave. Greenlawn Court
Laurel St. Hogbin Road
Louis Drive Greenlawn Court
Main St. (West) - Carmel to Second Hook Ave.
Madison Ave. Hance Bridge Road
Mallard Lane Inglewood (Englewood) Ave.
Magnolia St. Hazel Blvd.
Maple St. Jason Drive
Maylin St. Hill Lane
Maurice St. Jenny Drive
Maylin St. Holly Drive
May Court Jenny Drive
Menatico Ave. K St.
McChesney St. Joann Drive
Mickel St. Kemble Ave.
McNeal St. - West of High King Ave.
Middle Ave. L St.
Meadow Lark Lane Lake St.
Middle Ave. Ladow Ave.
Morningside Drive Lance Court
Myrtle Ave. Leamings Mill Road (Newcombtown Road)
Mulberry St. - West of High Lisa Marie Terrace
Narcissus Ave. Linden Court
Mulford Ave. Lloyd Terrace
Noble St. M St.
North St. Macavoy Terrace
Oriole Way Manor Ave.
Oak St. - West of High MacDougall Terrace
Oriole Way Mays Landing Road
Oakdale Drive MacDougall Terrace
Pear St. Miller Ave.
Oriole Lane Maria Drive
Peek Ave. Mistletoe Lane
Osprey Drive Marilyn Terrace
Plum St. Morris Place
Park Ave. McDougall Terrace
Porreca Drive Mulberry St. - East of 10th
Patricia Ave. Megan Drive
Railroad Ave. Norris Place
Pearl St. Millville Ave.
Richard Drive Norris Place
Penn Ave. Morais Ave.
Riverside Drive Oakland Ave.
Pike Ave. Nabb Ave.
Robin Terrace Olive Lane
Pine St. - West of High Paula Drive
Schooner Drive Overbrook Ave.
Pleasant Drive - Carlton to Chestnut Peach Drive
Schooner Drive Pine St. - East of 10th
Powell St. Phyllis Road
Sharlane Blvd. Pineland Ave.
Quail Drive Pleasant Drive - Rieck to Carlton
Sherl Drive Pineview Terrace
Race St. Redwood Drive
Sherl Drive Quince Court
Robin Road Rhonda Drive
Silver Run Road (Race St.) Route 49 - Second St. to East Borderline
Sharp St. Rieck Ave.
Sixsmith St. Sassafras St. - East of 10th
Spruce St. Robert Lane
Sloans Drive Shamrock Lane
Starling St. Rosalie Drive
Sloans Drive Shelburn Road
Sunset Drive Rose Court
Smith St. Snyder Ave.
Sunset Drive Roselle Drive
Stratton Ave. Valley Ave.
Teal Lane Rosen Ave.
Surrey Ave. Village Drive
Union Lake Road Rosey Court
Valatia Ave. Vine St. - East of 10th
Vine St. - West of High Rosey Court
Walnut St. W. Forrest Glen Drive
Woodlawn Drive Route 49 - West of Carmel Road
Washington Ave. Wade Blvd.

Sandy Lane
Whitall Ave. Wedgewood Court

Sheldon Ave.
Wildwood Ave. Wellington Place

Shewshenko Ave.

Wheaton Ave.

Smith Road

Whitaker Ave.

South Lane Drive

Woodland Ave.

Sterling Lane

Sugarman Ave.

Val Lane

Westwood Terrace

Whitemarsh Ave.