Trash Collection Schedule

The following will be collected on regular trash day:

  • Bagged Yard Waste-(Grass clippings, leaves, vines and small trimmings from bushes only) Once a week on designated collection day, not to be placed at curbside more than 12 hours in advance.
  • Bulky Waste- Household furniture, beds, table, chairs, couch, dresser, etc. Two pieces of bulky waste will be picked up per trash day. No earlier than 3 pm the day before your designated collection day.

Anyone with questions regarding trash or recycling collection should call 856-825-7000, ext. 7388.

Note: Trash will not be picked up on the following Holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day (July 4th), Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas.

2nd Street  (South) 

3rd Street (K to M)10th Street
(North - Main to G)
Archer StreetAcorn Drive
3rd Street (South)

8th Street (South)2nd Street (North)Arlington AvenueAlex Drive
4th Street (South)

9th Street (South)3rd Street (North)Arnold DriveAmy Court
5th Street (South)

10th Street
(North of G)
4th Street (North)Brandriff AvenueAsh Drive

6th Street (South)
10th Street (South)5th Street (North)Broad St. - West of HighBarton Drive

Acacia Road

11th Street (North)6th Street (North)Brown StreetBeech Street
Alloway Road

11th Street (South)7th Street (North)Buck StreetBel Air Lane

Apple Place

12th Street (North)

8th Street (North)Bunting LaneBethel Road
Arbutus Avenue

13th Street (North)9th Street (North)Canal StreetBrenda Terrace
Aspen Road

14th Street (South)Albertson StreetCarlton AvenueBriar Drive
Atkinson Road15th Street (South)Blue Bird LaneCherry StreetBuckshutem Road (West of Cedarville)

Beaver Drive
16th Street (South)Broad Street
(High to 10th)
Chestnut StreetBustleton Street 

 Butternut Drive
Beech Street

Almond PlaceCramer AvenueChickadee LaneCarmel Road

Birch Road
Arlene DriveD StreetChurch StreetCarol Drive

Bird Place

Balsam LaneE StreetCity Park DriveCedar Lane
Bonnie CourtBarbara TerraceEspoma RoadColumbia AvenueCedarbrook Avenue

Brian Avenue

Beck DriveF StreetCooper StreetCedarville Road  (Carlton to City Limit)

Brittany Lane

Bessie WayFoundry Street
(High to 2nd)
Deerpath RoadCottage Street

Country Drive
Brookdale DriveBrandy RidgeFranco AvenueDepot StreetCountry Lane

Buckshutem Road (East of Cedarville to Laurel Lake)
Burns RoadG Street (High to 10th)Dock StreetCove Court
Cardinal RoadButtonwood LaneHarrison Avenue
(High to 2nd)
Dove DriveDebbie Lane
Cedar RoadCaloris AvenueHigh StreetEarle Avenue
(Carlton to Ireland)
Dewberry Drive
Cedar StreetCaroline PlaceMcNeal Street
(High to 2nd)
Elizabeth StreetDonald Drive
Chestnut PlaceCecile DriveMulberry Street
(High to 10th)
Fernwood RoadDumont Drive
Chickaree Cabin Road

Central StreetPine Street
(High to 10th)
Forest DriveE. Oak Drive
Church Hill DriveChancery CourtOak Street
(High to 10th)
Foundry Street
(West of High)
Earle Avenue
(Paula to Carlton)
Columbine Avenue

Circle DriveOakwood DriveFulton StreetEllen Court
Cornwall Avenue

Clover LaneOld Union RoadGinger AvenueEmily Drive
David Avenue

Coombs RoadSassafras Street
(High to 10th)
Glenside RoadEnglewood
(Inglewood) Avenue
David Road

Court BoulevardState StreetGoldfinch LaneEsibill Avenue
Deborah DriveCoventry WayVine Street
(High to 10th)
Green StreetFairton Road
Dell PlaceCrescent Blvd
Harrison Street
(West of High)
Fairview Avenue
Dogwood DriveCrest Avenue
Hayes DriveFortune Lane
Dorset AvenueDayle Drive
Heron LaneFowler Avenue
Edgehill AvenueDauphin Place
Homestead DriveFox Cove Drive

Frankford Street
Elifin PlaceDoris Avenue
Howard StreetFreeman Avenue
Ellis AvenueDream Street
Ireland AvenueGeissel Drive
Elm RoadDutch Drive
Irene StreetHelen Drive
Fairfield AvenueE. Forest Glen Drive
Laurel StreetHillcrest Avenue
Fir CourtEasy Street
Main Street
(West-Carmel to 2nd)
Hogbin Road
Florence AvenueEdgewood Drive
Mallard LaneHook Avenue
Forest RoadEttie Drive
Maple StreetInglewood (Englewood) Avenue
Fowser RoadFilbert Place
Maurice StreetJason Drive
Garfield StreetG Street (East of 10th)
May CourtJenny Drive
Garrison AvenueGeissenger Avenue
McChesney CourtJoann Drive
Grove RoadGlasstown Road
McNeal Street
(West of High)
King Avenue
Hamilton AvenueGreenlawn Court
Meadow Lark LaneLake Street
Hawthorn RoadHance Bridge Road
Morningside DriveLance Court
Hemlock DriveHazel Blvd
Mulberry Street
(West of High)
Laurel Street
Henderson AveHill Lane
Mulford AvenueLisa Marie Terrace
Henry DriveHolly Drive
North StreetLloyd Terrace
Hickory RoadK Street
Oak Street
(West of High)
Macavoy Terrace
Highland DriveKemble Avenue
Oakdale DriveMacDougall Terrace
Hillside AvenueKimberly Drive
Oriole LaneMain Street
(West of Carmel Road)
Hoover StreetL Street
Osprey DriveMarc Drive
Ivy RoadLadow Avenue
Park AvenueMaria Drive
Jewel RoadLeamings Mill Rd (Newcombtown Road)
Patricia AvenueMarilyn Terrace

Marsden Street
Juniper RoadLinda Lane
Pearl StreetMegan Drive
Kates BlvdLinden Court
Penn AvenueMillville Avenue
Kent AvenueM Street
Pike AvenueMorias Avenue
Lafayette DriveMain Street
(2nd St to East Borderline)

Pine Street
(West of High)
Nabb Avenue
Lake Shore RoadManor Avenue
Pleasant Drive
(Carlton to Chestnut)
Natalie Lane
Laurel DriveMays Landing Road
Powell StreetNicholas Lane

Oregon Street
Laurel RoadMiller Avenue
Quail DrivePaula Drive
Leonard DriveMistletoe Lane
Race StreetPeach Drive
Lilac AvenueMorris Place
Robin RoadPhyllis Drive
Louis DriveMulberry Street
(East of 10th)

Sharp StreetPleasant Drive
(Rieck to Carlton)
Madison AvenueNorris Place
Spruce StreetRedwood Drive
Magnolia StreetOakland Avenue
Starling StreetRhonda Drive
Main DriveOlive Lane
Sunset DriveRieck Avenue
Maple RoadOverbrook Avenue
Teal LaneRobert Lane
Maylin StreetPine Street
(East of 10th)

Union Lake RoadRosalie Drive
Menatico AvenuePineland Avenue
Vine Street
(West of High)
Rose Court
Mickle StreetPineview Terrace
Woodlawn DriveRoselle Drive
Middle Avenue

Quince Court

Rosen Avenue
Myrtle Avenue

Sassafras Street
(East of 10th)

Rosey Court
Narcissus RoadShamrock Lane

Sandy Lane
Narcissus AvenueShelburn Road

Sheldon Avenue
Noble StreetSpencer Place

Shewshenko Avenue
Oak RoadSnyder Avenue
Valley Avenue

Smith Road
Oriole WayVillage Drive

South Lane Drive
Packard DriveVine Street
(East of 10th)

Sterling Lane
Park DriveW. Forrest Glen Drive

Sugarman Avenue
Pear StreetWade Blvd

Torresdale Avenue
Peek AvenueWedgewood Court

Val Lane
Pine RoadWellington Place

Westwood Terrace
Pinebrook TerraceWheaton Avenue  Wharton Street
Whitemarsh Avenue
Pintail LaneWhitaker Avenue   
Pleasantview DriveWoodland Avenue   
Plum Street    
Porreca Drive    
Queen Road    
Railroad Avenue     
Richard Drive     
Riverside Drive     
River Drive    
Riverside Drive     
Robin Terrace    
Rosewood Road    
Schooner Drive    
Shar Lane Blvd    
Sherl Drive    
Shore Road    
Silver Run Road  (Race St.)    
Smith Street    
Sloans Drive    
Smith Street    
Stratton Avenue    
Surrey Avenue    
Sycamore Road    
Tomasello Road    
Tulip Road    
Turtle Court    
University Road    
Uranus Road    
Valatia Avenue    
Vine Road    
Violet Road    
Walnut Street    
Walnut Road    
Washington Avenue    
Water Court    
Whitall Avenue    
Wildwood Avenue    
Willow Drive    
Willow Road    
Woodland Drive    
Yellowood Terrace