Streets & Roads

Street and Road Department vehicles

The Street and Road Department is responsible for the following:

  • Brush collection
  • City streets
  • Compost facility
  • Dead animals
  • Electronic waste
  • Leaf collection
  • Pot holes
  • Recycling and disposal of solid waste
  • Signs
  • Snow Removal on City Streets
  • Storm drains
  • Street sweeping (See Schedule 20)
  • Tires and white goods (appliances) pick up on the last full week of the month
  • Trash collection - (See Trash Collection Holiday Exceptions)
  • Any highway, roadway, public way, easement, or other right of way accepted or maintained by the city as a public street, as well as any state or county highway or street over which the city has acquired jurisdiction by agreement

Compost Facility

The compost facility, located at 999 Cedar Street, is open to Millville residents on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 7:15am to 2:45 pm and provides:

  • Disposal of leaves, brush, and grass clippings
  • Wood chips and leaf mulch available for Millville residents only