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A Public Hearing for review of a proposed amendment to the FY2019 Annual Action Plan is scheduled for May 4, 2020 at 5:00PM  and will be held via telephonic means due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Governor Murphy has declared a state of emergency via Executive Order 103 in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Executive Order 107 institutes various restrictions on public places and gatherings.  As such this meeting was advertised, posted, and made available to the public to attend and provide public comment during the public portion of the meeting in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act, Chapter 231, Public Laws of 1975, as required by Statute.  Comments may be provided through participation n the telephonic meeting or in writing to the Office of Community Development:

City of Millville
PO Box 609
Millville, NJ 08332
Attn: Samantha Silvers

or email to samantha.silvers@millvillenj.gov

The City has determined that it is necessary to amend the approved CDBG program budget for the previously approved program year FY 2019 in order to address community needs that have emerged through the COVID-19 public health crisis. This qualifies as a substantial amendment in accordance with Millville’s Citizen Participation Plan as the following applies a) To complete an activity other than those described in the Plan. The amendment to the FY 2019 CDBG Annual Action Plan is proposed as follows: 

ProjectInitial BudgetBudget Change

COVID-19 Food Pantry Support
COVID-19 Family/Youth Support
COVID-19 Temporary Shelter for Homeless
COVID-19 Public Health Recovery Education and Outreach
COVID-19 Economic Development Small Business Recovery


Please use the information below to access the meeting remotely: 

CDBG FY2019 Amendment
Mon, May 4, 2020 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (PDT)

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.
United States: +1 (786) 535-3211

Access Code: 397-639-869

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2020-2024 Consolidated Plan

The Consolidated Plan is designed to be a collaborative process whereby the community establishes a unified vision for community development activities and how the City of Millville intends to use federal and non-federal resources to meet those needs. Strategic Planning and citizen participation take place in a comprehensive context during the preparation of the Five Year Consolidated Plan. Eligible activities include community facilities and improvements, housing rehabilitation and preservation, department activities, public services, economic development, historic preservation, planning, and administration.  This Consolidated Plan for the City of Millville covers the period July 1, 2020 until June 30, 2024. The Plan allows the City to continue to receive federal housing and community development funds and must be submitted to the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) by May 15, 2020.

A copy of the draft plan is in the links below.  The public is invited to address written comments to:  Millville CDBG Office, Millville City Hall, P.O. BOX 609, Millville, NJ  08332, Attention: Samantha Silvers.  The public can also call 856-825-7000, ext. 7341 between 8:30– 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

Current CDBG Planning Documents

Current project information
Name Info Link Due Date
FY2020 CDBG & Analysis of Impediments
First Public Notice

Public Notice #1

FY2020 CDBG Second Public Notice Public Notice #2 3/28/2020

Substantial Amendment to FY2019 Annual Action Plan 5/5/2020
Amended Citizen Participation Plan May 2020 Plan 5/5/2020
Amended Citizen Participation Plan May 2020 Appendix A Appendix A 5/5/2020
FY2020-2024 CDBG Consolidated Plan and FY2020 Annual Plan FINAL 3/28/2020
2020 Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice Draft Plan 5/1/2020
FY2020-2024 Plan Schedule 5/15/2020
FY2015-2019 Plan Final Plan 06/30/2020
FY2019 CDBG Annual Plan Final Plan 06/30/2020
FY2019 CDBG Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER) Report 2020


The Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit Program (NRTC) provides business entities an 80 percent tax credit for funds provided to nonprofit entities carrying out comprehensive revitalization plans. Nonprofit entities must use at least 60% of the tax credit funds for housing and economic development; the remaining funds may be used for supportive services and other activities that promote neighborhood revitalization. 

NRTC funds are used by neighborhood-based non-profit organizations that have prepared, submitted and received approval from the Department for a revitalization plan for the neighborhood it serves. The funds must be used by the eligible organizations for projects and activities that will implement the goals and strategies of the approved neighborhood plan. The maximum amount per application is $985,000. 

A copy of the draft 2020-2030 Neighborhood Revitalization Plan below is available for public comment during a 30-day period starting March 18, 2020 through to April 17, 2020.  Comments must be written and sent to Heather Santoro via email at hsantoro@hollycitydevelopment.org or mail to: Holly City Development Corporation, 14 E. Mulberry Street, Millville, NJ 08332.  Questions may also be directed to (856) 776-7979.     

2020-2030 Neighborhood Revitalization Plan


Housing Rehab under CDBG

Please fill out the application form below and turn into Kristine Klawitter for consideration in the Housing Rehab program.  The Housing Rehab office is located on the 5th Floor at City Hall and all questions regarding this program should be directed to kristine.klawitter@millvillenj.gov or (856) 825-7000 x7288.

Housing Rehab Contractors

Below are reference documents that you may need during bid, consulting and construction phases of housing rehab projects:

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry that has helped to build over 500,000 decent, affordable houses and served 2.5 million people worldwide. Our local chapter was founded in September of 1989 to help further the mission of providing deserving families with decent, safe and affordable housing here in Cumberland County. Today our network of volunteers, sponsors, and affiliate partnerships continues to grow.

Habitat has developed and is continuing to develop homes on Garfield Street off of South Second Street in Millville.  For information on qualifying to purchase a new Habitat home, please find information on upcoming information sessions here:  

Veteran Rehab Project 2014

Click the link below to read more about how Gayton Baptist Church Youth Ministry set up camp in Millville for a week in July of 2014 to help transform the homes of local veterans. 
Downtown improvements include:
  • Comprehensive center city redevelopment strategy, including physical improvements, neighborhood revitalization, and the establishment of the Millville Development Corporation
  • Numerous parking areas reconstructed
  • Pedestrian walkways upgraded with brick paving system, ornamental lighting, and site amenities
The Riverfront Project located along the east side of the Maurice River provides several landscaped areas for passive recreation, a gazebo, and a boardwalk along the river's edge.